Aerospace Non-Destructive Testing

In the Aerospace industry, as with other transportation industries, NDT can make the difference between life and death. Aircraft components are inspected before they are assembled into the aircraft and then they are periodically inspected throughout their useful life. Aircraft parts are designed to be as light as possible while still performing their intended function. This generally means that components carry very high loads relative to their material strength and small flaws can cause a component to fail.

ZChem has worked side-by-side with aircraft engine manufacturers, aerostructure makers, airlines and other aviation professionals to continually help our customers improve quality, increase production capabilities and lower costs.


Liquid Penetrant Testing Products

Magnetic Particle Inspection Products

We Represent Sherwin for Dye Penetrant Range Products as per AMS Specification

We represent TESTIA for unique range of NDT and Quality Inspection Equipment and Augmented Reality software for quick and efficient analysis of structures, components and assembly

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