Working at VectorNDT

The secret of VectorNDT success is our workforce which is an invaluable asset. The Cosmo work culture at VectorNDT adds a vibrant dimension to the work environment. Diversities of culture, regional origin, educational background and gender offer a variety which provides a synergy resulting in exceptional results.

Being committed in creating an environment which involves the participation at all levels inclusive of the Management Team, Managers and the various teams, VectorNDT inculcates and stirs up passions, in delivering optimal solutions and value addition.

Consolidate your Career

To ensure that your future goals are met VectorNDT extends unstinted support to drive your career forward. Career management modules designed to enhance your skills and gain valuable experience in your field are provided. Training techniques are upgraded to stay abreast with the latest developments. Regular appraisals evaluate your progress to expedite career growth.

Career Opportunities

Successful career opportunities await you at VectorNDT. Apply for a position which suits your profile. 

“Success isn’t just about what you Accomplish in your life , its about what you INSPIRE others too”

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Employee's voice

Ananth Nag S Maddur

Technical Sales Engineer 

Dubai, UAE

Its been an amazing 2 years working at ZChem being Exposed to the International market. glad to be associated with them thanks primarily to the product quality (comparable to the best in the market), responsive attitude and professional ethics. I especially would like to place on record the excellent knowledge that the top management of ZChem possesses in the field of NDT.


Manager – Operations

I have been a part of the company since the inception & Glad to be learning Niche technology products. To add about organizational values , it’s a wonderful atmosphere to be in, with lot of values for self development both professionally as well as personally. Our goal in the near future is to go Global and manufacture world class products for NDT

Raghavendra P

General  Manager- Sales

It’s not possible to have a career in sales without really loving it. But it’s easier to have a long and successful career if you have a passion for it.“I fell in love with the sales profession because of the freedom, flexibility, daily learning. The more I put into it, the more I was rewarded. Though some people still have a bias towards people in sales, the truth is that good salespeople are focused on helping buyers solve their business problems. We learn something every day, and I love that no two days are ever the same!“ I can meet and network with people 24/7 around the globe without even leaving my own home.
Working at Vector-ZChem ultimately hooked by its never-ending challenges. I was always looking for ways to be better at prospecting, engaging people, eliminating obstacles, handling complex decisions and beating tough competitors