[slider id=”operational-contracts”]VECTOR NDT Technologies Pvt Ltd is equipped with a professionally trained team of engineers and operators for Operational Contracts for Magnetic Particle Inspection. Our customer’s job is made easy. We undertake the complete responsibility of your magnetic particle inspection with our own qualified man power–ASNT Level 1 and 2, our consumables, accessories and equipments at your place.

The typical features of an MPI contract are

  • The customer transfers the responsibility of the complete MPI activities to a professional team
  • All the parameters of the MPI activity will be as per the ASTM standards and will meet any specific requirements of the customer
  • All the desired consumables & accessories are always at the site
  • The maintenance and the calibration of the equipments are done by VECTOR which means the customer need not have to maintain any records
  • The MPI parameters and the process / procedure & the standard operating procedures along with the pictures are displayed on the machine
  • If there is a sudden demand in the volumes then VECTOR can also invest and put up their own equipment at the customer’s site, which means customer can avoid a capital investment.

Training & Certification:

Vector NDT also undertakes training & Certification programmes [highlight]for Magnetic Particle and Liquid Penetrate inspection[/highlight] as per ASNT Level 1 and 2. These training programmes can either be conducted at vector’s office or at the customers premises depending upon the number of candidates to be trained. These training programmes are conducted by our ASNT – Level 3

Retrofit & Calibration:
Vector NDT is also into repair and retrofit of old MPI equipments. We upgrade any make / model old equipments, incorporate the latest features into the machine and also provide warranty for such retrofitted equipments.

Technical Assistance:

Vector NDT is also actively providing technical assistance to many of the customers, the technical assistance include

  • Working closely with the QA department to solve difficult situations in setting up MPI/LPI parameters
  • Provide solutions on how to improve the productivity with out compromising on the quality of inspection
  • Provide inputs on how to meet the specific customer requirements / MPI & LPI specifications
  • Suggestions on how to increase the working knowledge of the process
  • Add value in terms of improved inspection quality
  • Vector also believes in providing cost effective solutions to improve the existing modules of customers ( existing MPI set up)



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