The scope of Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection (FPI) machines offered by vector NDT technologies takes into account the necessities of railways, automotive, aviation & areospace, defense, power plants, petrochemicals and all other large medium and small scale engineering industries. Our FPI equipment is available in Tank systems and also Spray Booth systems along with handling systemsWater Washable/Post Emulsifiable Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection Systems“Designed As Per Aviation & Aerospace Requirements” designed to meet NADCAP requirements

  • The Superior Stainless Steel construction for better Life, performance
  • The Stainless steel tanks are mounted on special Aluminum Structures are MS powder coated structures
  •  The tank systems are powder coated for better life and protection against penetrant water waste in case of MS
  • Protection lock for dwell times
  • The dwell times are controlled through Timers
  • The digital temperature and timer control for the hot air drier
  • Special Air water wash gun for the water wash station
  • Manual washing of Excess penetrant & wash station is provided with Hood, white light and UV light
  • Timer controlled Dry developer cloud chamber
  • Inspection table equipped with hood, exhaust fan, white light and High Intensity black

Optional Features:

  • Ultrasonic cleaning system for pre cleaning of components
  • Post emulsified fpi systems are made to customer’s requirements
  • Additional wire baskets for components loading
  • Monorail system with balances for processing heavier components for components loaded in a fixture
  • UV flood light system for better intensity and large inspection area
  • Semi automated fpi systems are designed and manufactured as per customer’s requirements
  • All testing accessories and consumables (as per ams 2644)
  • Penetrant waste management through carbon filtration systems

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